What they say...

"With Carl's mix my production really found it's way. My visions were not only sharpened to the fullest, but also taken to a new place. It would be hard leaving my mixes elsewhere in the future"

Magnus Tingsek

"Carl is one of those producers that goes deep into the music. So deep, in fact, that sometimes it makes you wonder if he's ever gonna come up again. But eventually he turns up with something weird and dirty or slick and beautiful. Something spot on.

He's a dangerous man! You gotta be brave to work with him! Or a bit lazy..."

Bebe Risenfors  ( Tom Waits,  Elvis Costello & Råå)

"He has a very clear vision of what he wants, while still allowing for the "happy accidens". His production is derivative, because he is a tireless student of past productions, while at the same time , his work is totally unique.

...also, he'll make you walk (fast) for hundreds of miles. So bring your walking shoes..

Jake Phillips  ( apa and William Fitzsimmons)